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Film Sound Bibliography
Film Sound Theory and Postproduction Books and Articles. Visit New for more articles, radio programmes etc.

Film Sound History
Sound recording and the ability to photograph and reproduce motion pictures began intersecting at the very beginning, 1895!!!!. - Articles, Timelines, Books, and more

Sound Design of Star Wars
Articles about how Sound Designer Ben Burtt created the signature sounds for Star Wars.

Film Sound Clichés
Film Sound Stereotypes and Common Logic Flaws

Film Sound Questions & Answers
- "How to learn the art of sound design?", - "How to design a new language?" - "What is the sound of nothing?" ..and more

Foley Artistry
Beginners guide, Interviews with Foley Artists, Who was Jack Foley? ..Foley Tips .. and more

Animation Sound
Introduction to Animation Sound, The Test Screening of Steamboat Willie, Links to Sound and Music articles from 'Animation World Magazine'

Game Audio
On-line Articles, and link to the Sound & Music section at Gamasutra

Terminology & Glossaries
Dilettantes Audio Dictionary, Dolby Laboratories' Glossary, Larry Blake's Glossary, Philip Brophy's Adiovisual Concepts, Film Sound Terminologies and more

Film Music
Articles, How to FAQs, Links to Film Music Resources, Film Music Books and more

Sound Design of Sci-Fi Films
The Fifth Element, Lost in Space, Contact, Men In Black 2 Minority Report, Terminator 2, Star Trek ,Matrix and more

Home Theatre Sound
Beginners Guide, How to Best Design your Room, Glossaries, and FAQs

Acoustic-Ecology, Sound Scape Studies, Architectural Acoustics etc

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