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Sound designer 

Sound designer is a illusive term with different meaning: 

(1) "Sound designer" are an artist who are brought on staff during the planning stages of a film, along with the set and costume designers, and who do their own mixing. The sound designer works with the director to shape an overall, consistent soundtrack that exploits the expressive possibilities of the sound medium.  

The over all sound design is organically related to the narrative and thematic needs of the film, and has an integrity not possible if sound is divided among an entire bureaucracy.  

In Jurassic Park, Gary Rydstrom  first designed the sounds of the dinosaurs and then models were built to match those roars.  

>> Ben Burtt and the sound design of Star Wars  

(2) "Sound designer" can also refer to a person brought on to create just one kind of effect. 

Ron Bochar was hired late in the post production of Wolf just to create the effects that accompanied Nicholson turning into a beast 

Edited excerpts from Sync tanks 

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